Doechii Rips Azealia Banks To Shreds: 'Your Diagnosis Is Wasted Talent'

Doechii & Azealia Banks

Photo: Getty Images

Doechii shared how she really feels about Azealia Banks in the heat of their heated dispute.

On Thursday night, April 11, the Florida rapper took to her Instagram Stories to vent her frustrations about Banks. Doechii didn't mince words as she read Banks for being "insufferable" over the past few days.

“I use my platform to make money and inspire people," Doechii began. "Everyone around me is inspired by me. I’m positive influence. You used to be so respected for your talents and your voice. Now you use your platform to gossip about Black artists and sell Mary Kay products. You’re insufferable.”

“It took you 3 business days to come up with that comeback just to resort to colorism… boooo!" she continued. "Does it not get tiring being an attack dog for the very same white gays you allegedly vehemently despise? That’s the only audience that wants to watch 2 talented Black women go at each other’s throats.”

“Your brain is fried from meds, you’re damn near immobile from the shots," she added. "Don’t hurt yourself. You gossip about BLACK artists to stay relevant and it’s sad. You definitely are an issue just not the icons… you’re one post away from the psych ward. STOP IT!"

Doechii's rant comes a few days after Banks called her "ugly" among other things in a recent post on Instagram. Although the "Alter Ego" rapper let it slide, she refused to back down after the "212" artist tried to disrespect her fanbase.

“Your diagnosis is wasted talent," Doechii concluded. "I bowed down, I kissed the ring but b***h I’M ME! Hate to do you like this but you not finna bully me out my lane. I’ve done in two years of signing what you couldn’t do in your entire career. YOU’RE WELCOME.”

Banks didn't take long to serve up a snappy retort. See what she had to say below.

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